Letter #88

Content Warnings: academic pressure


I’m sitting in a classroom

And it’s my senior year

And college decisions are coming out

And I check my email everyday

And nothing comes

And the college I’ve already been accepted to, seems to lack

And I just want to get into an Ivy League

And I have to wait and wait and wait

And everyone else gets into their dream schools, obviously, except for me

And it’s cruel that “smart” or “gifted” young kids are crushed by metric tons of pressure

And I was one of those kids

And it’s finally the year that I have been dreaming of since youth

And none of it is happening

And I thought I’d get into Harvard

And now I’m doubtful

And I realize I shouldn’t base my self-worth on how prestigious the schools I get in are 

And I question how could I not, though, when it’s always been the final goal

And I feel stuck

And I feel like the world around me moves forward

And I can’t

And I’m trapped in my senior year

And I sit here, in this classroom, still unsure of my path 

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