Essay Contest- If you’re passionate about school shootings and mental health stigmas and are willing to write about potential solutions, submit to our essay contest! A cash prize of $100 will go to first place, $50 to second place, and $25 to third. Life Letters would love to use our funds to implement good ideas, and we’re dying to hear yours!

TikTok Project- Do you like creating videos and mental health related content? Post it on TikTok and tag us! We want to repost and reward your portrayal of experiences with mental health issues/stigmas. A cash prize of $100 will go to first place, $50 to second place, and $25 to third. To participate, tag @lifelettersmi or use #lifeletters in the caption of your TikTok post.

Dear Gen X- We are asking the public to submit letters written to their parents/guardians that address the things they wish they could communicate to them. These letters might talk about the social gap between Gen X and Gen Z, especially regarding mental health experiences. Life Letters is creating a parenting book out of them that will be aimed at encouraging parents to hear out their kids and validating the adolescent experience. Feel free to share as much or as little as you please.

School Shooting Project- We are asking survivors of school shootings to submit letters about their experience. Our hope is that by sharing these stories and demanding audiences to be aware of the deep emotional pain these shootings have inflicted on so many children and their loved ones, we will grab the attention of those in power and require action from them. Feel free to share as much or as little as you please. 


Connecting Communities- We are asking people to host/attend local women and gender study forums in cities across the United States. These forums will be spent discussing personal experiences with societal norms in order to educate one another. Our goal is to bring communities closer together by connecting over a system of oppression that hurts us all.

Active Listening Line- Are you looking for someone to help you through a crisis or intense situation? Contact our active listening line! Our volunteers are trained in empathizing and walking people through overwhelming emotions. We hope you’ll feel comfortable reaching out to us when you need help!

Margaret Forze Publishing- Margaret Forze–an author of childrens books and novels addressing mental health and social oppression–provides people with free access to her work. 10 percent of her profits are donated to Life Letters, so feel free to check out her work!

Therapy Discussion Board- Are you looking for someplace to vent about the challenges of getting help with your mental health? Check out our anonymous group forum! We’re currently hosting a counseling chat, which will give the public a chance to discuss the often long and difficult road to finding the right therapy/therapist. Feel free to share your experience!

Social Identity Zines- historically, zines have been known to make large statements about societies and those being socially oppressed. In order to raise social awareness, Life Letters has created a board where we post social identity/society related zines.