About Us

Life Letters currently resides in East Lansing, Michigan, on the campus of Michigan State University. The website and logo was created by MSU’s The Cube and has been in effect as of early 2019. It was an individual project until late 2021, which is when Michigan State University became involved. Now it is an organization with over 30 remote volunteers committed to bettering mental health conditions in America. 

Our volunteers do a variety of work, including–but not limited to–research, editing, active listening, writing, creating/uploading social media content, and grant writing. Life Letters also works with short-term volunteers in positions for ongoing projects. If you’re interested in joining the Life Letters team, email us at projectlifeletters@gmail.com.

The Founder

Grace Carney is a Michigan State student studying English, psychology, and women and gender studies. She is passionate about mental health and American oppression, as well as helping those who are struggling from either. She displays this in her work as president of Life Letters, which she accomplishes by running projects with and delegating a variety of work to volunteers. 

Grace has been struggling with depression and anxiety since middle school, and spent her eighth and ninth grade years being severely suicidal. It wasn’t until the end of her freshman year that she was able to attend therapy, which encouraged her to use journaling as a coping skill. Her work in counseling and with writing helped her gain the confidence and emotional stability she needed to love herself. Since then she has dedicated herself to making sure no one struggles with their mental health alone. 



This was her inspiration for Life Letters. By creating a project that allows people to write for others instead of themselves, we hope to help readers feel less isolated while simultaneously encouraging the public to work through their feelings and trauma using a healthy coping mechanism.