Letter #33

Content Warning: Academic anxiety


The Power to Cope with Hours of Hope

Dear reader,


Please forgive me–not because I deserve forgiveness–but to become a sage without rage.


When I was a young student, I experienced torture from unrealistic educators. Attending school was a daily struggle because I had to cope with academic pressure.


Not only were some of my former teachers just incredibly mean, but some of them distorted my perception of reality.


It is unfortunate to mention that I had English teachers who kept shouting at me for wasting time. It was actually terrifying just to sit in an English classroom, and then have the educator torment me when those adults could have actually taught me.


After becoming an adult, I also had to realize a harsh fact of life.


Some teachers cannot teach.


I express gratitude for being more connected to reality after learning from a professional psychologist that the phrase “wasted time” is actually just a commonly rude expression, instead of me thinking that I literally wasted time.


To help me cope with hope, and liberate myself from my past, I volunteer every day to make the world better in any way.


In fact, doing unpaid work is never a waste of time; it simply reveals my diligence.


Finally, everyone in the world has time. It depends on what people do with time that matters more.


Clocks just tell people the time of day. Therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to how I personally use my own time.


Thank you, and make the time to marvel at the sublime, too!

Kind regards.

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