Letter #177

Content Warnings: Depression, work stress


This past spring semester, I really struggled to get my act together. I was a mess and was constantly just being lazy. Not really lazy, as I knew my bed-rot moments were the only ones holding together my sanity, but I really wasn’t doing much. Now, I have sooo much to do. I have an unpaid internship and a job. It’s crazy and kind of hard to keep up. I can feel myself slipping back into the place where I shut down and try to preserve my mental energy. One thing I have started to do is checking my emails everyday and getting  myself into a productive mindset. Also, waking up early and starting my day with a relaxing bath has helped me to wake up and get into a good state of mind. Feeling clean helps me to feel good about myself. By boosting my self-esteem, it’s easier to get other things done and not just stay in bed all day.

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  1. hey friend,
    i just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. i am a rising senior and I am so burnt out. at times I feel like I just wanna give up and lay in bed all day. somedays I find no motivation to get up and do anything. i faced so much stress and so much anxiety this school year, and I am drained to the core. drained mentally and physically.
    when I catch myself falling apart I try to journal and write out the things going on in my life. i write down my feelings, and my opinions. it makes me feel a lot better afterwards, and I definitely recommend writing out your thoughts when you feel stressed. i hope u feel better.

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