Letter #150

Content Warnings: Anxiety, Academic stress


Dear Stranger, 


I hope you’re doing well, but even if you’re not, that’s okay. In the past couple of months, my grades have been falling and I’ve been struggling with trying to keep my grades up. I’ve always struggled with perfection and getting the highest grades. I was never pressured to get high grades, but as time went on, I set higher and higher standards for myself. People called me an overachiever and some even hated me for it, but I was able to dismiss it. Now, those small comments bother me more than ever because I feel like I’m trying my best and yet I keep getting lower and lower grades. And there are different kinds of stressors that just keep distracting me. Especially because it’s the end of the school year and exams are nearing.


My friends that surround me are people that constantly get higher 90s and 100s. I can’t help but compare myself to them. Focusing on a topic has always been difficult for me and I feel this now more than ever.


I’m alway fighting sleep in school and trying to find motivation too. I get adequate amounts of sleep, but I’m never well-rested. My inspiration has been at an all time low. It feels as though I’m getting left in the dust at everything. Even frustration can mix in sometimes, when people complain to me about their grades. I can’t help but feel annoyed when the grade they’re complaining about is higher than mine. Studying takes time and patience, but it seems like there’s a new test every single day with barely enough material to practice off of.


To be completely honest with you, I haven’t figured out a method of studying or learning that avoids burn out. I wish I had, but I haven’t been able to. But, I think good things to incorporate would be stuff like: to schedule out your day, take breaks, and drink water. For me, planning out my homework and projects is really helpful because it allows me to create small work goals. Taking small 10 minute breaks in between tasks can also help refresh your mind and get small boosts of motivation. Finally, the brain needs water to function well, so it helps to revive creative thoughts or just motivation.


These are ways that help me get through my homeworks, but if you’re also struggling with similar problems, I can only recommend trying out different methods and seeing what works for you! Especially because everyone has a different style.


But definitely, don’t give up! 

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