Letter #123

Content Warnings: therapy, trauma, anxiety, depression


Dear Friend,


I hope you’re taking care of your mental health. I’ve been ignoring mine a lot recently, and am only now realizing that pretending you’re okay will catch up to you eventually – it’s only a matter of time.


Ever since I was young, people would see me as their personal therapist. Anytime they’d find themselves struggling with something, they’d come to me for help – for a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on. And I don’t normally mind it, unless it starts to affect me mentally, and the way I approach my own mental health. 


When you carry the burden of other people’s sorrows and hardships, you start to feel as though your problems hold less weight. That if you’re struggling with something, you need to stay strong for the people around you, because they need you. But you also need someone. Someone to tell you it’s gonna be okay. Because you don’t have the strength to do it for yourself.


It is tricky because, going into a field like mental health therapy, you can easily feel overwhelmed with the traumas of your clients. And it’s times like now when I wonder if I’m cut out to be a therapist, when I’m struggling massively with my own mental health. 


Thank you for listening, I really needed to get that off my chest. Life’s been particularly hard recently, and there’s not a lot of people I can talk about this with.




A Friend

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