Letter #130

Content Warnings: Anxiety, panic, self-doubt


April 6, 2024

Dear Me,


I’ve never felt the weight of uncertainty bear down on me like it has today. It casts a shadow over everything I do, akin to a cloud hovering over my head. Doubts and anxieties creep into my head as a result of the uneasiness that gnaws at me. I constantly remind myself that apprehension is a natural aspect of life and should be met head-on with bravery and resilience.


I inhale deeply, straighten my shoulders, and continue forward, one stride at a time. The small things, like a hot cup of tea, a reassuring hug from a loved one, or the sight of a sunset casting vivid colors across the sky, provide me peace when everything else seems chaotic. 


I continue nevertheless, holding on to hope like it’s all I have. While I might not know everything, I won’t allow that to define who I am. I will break out of this darkness with fresh resilience and power because I am stronger than I think.


With determination, 



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