Letter #92

Content Warning: Academic Stress, Post-College Stress 


After finishing college, I thought things would be a breeze, considering how hard I worked during my time there. It felt good to accomplish a big goal, and everyone congratulating me was nice. But the reality after college hit me hard.


I expected everything to go smoothly after college, but the real world turned out to be more challenging than I thought. The transition from college to the unknowns of life was tough.


To cope with it, I decided to improve how I handle my time and organize things. I wasn’t completely disorganized before, but I realized the need for a more defined strategy to navigate the chaos of post-college life.


It’s an ongoing process, but I’m slowly getting the hang of life after graduation by organizing things more effectively. The initial feeling is fading as I figure out how to tackle the ups and downs of this new phase.

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