Letter #91

Content Warnings: None


I think we often rationalize ourselves by placing blame on others – this helps us feel better about a situation. I have learned that placing blame on others not only hurts us, but also hurts many in the process. It creates confusion and rarely resolves the issues. Internalized remorse can cause a sickness no one can escape unless we set ourselves free.


Freedom sometimes comes from apologies from others but what they failed to realize is that they held someone captive for years, including themselves. I have had many try to set themselves free by admitting wrongdoing to me; that is when I realized they are truly damning themselves in the process. They held me up from being around others who may have enjoyed my company. 


I have realized that life is short, so if I stay focused, mind my own health regularly, and tend to my happiness then I could prevail.


A bonus for me was writing. Writing is an outlet and a voice that is always heard but so is internal awareness. I know when I have done no wrong and because I am aware of my internal self, I prevent many from destroying my truth. I think when we rise to understand the self so that we aren’t destroyed by surroundings, then we have mastered a skill that many refuse to address. Raising awareness to remind many to address the self will be the means to sustainability.

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