Life Letters Resources

Active Listening Line

Are you looking for someone to help you through a crisis or intense situation? Contact our active listening line! Our volunteers are trained in empathizing and walking people through overwhelming emotions. We hope you’ll feel comfortable reaching out to us when you need help!


Shortcuts to Mental Stability

Outlines the journey to self-love and self-care, and shares strategies for coping with depression and anxiety as well tendencies to avoid self-care practices in lieu of addiction. 

Life Letters Proposal

Highlights the three key components of the Life Letters platform and why they’re essential to the destigmatization of mental health.

Discussion Boards

Connecting Communities

In order to remove the stigmas surrounding different social identities, we’re asking people to discuss their experiences with societal privilege and oppression in order to educate one another and encourage empathy for each other regardless of social identity. 


Finding the right therapist or therapy practice can be difficult, may feel defeating at times. This board offers people a place to vent their frustrations regarding access to mental health treatment and discuss their attempts at doing so.